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im so ill and ive got so much school work to do and ive literally slept 5hrs in the past two days fuck my life

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Anonymous said: Hey Meg ! i know you usually do a lot of exercise and ive been a while in the gym but my period will start in about a week and idk if i should exercise while being with my period or wait a couple of days and don't go to the gym. Do you exercise when you are with your days? if so, what routine do you do? sorry for the bother D:

First of all, well done friend! I am so proud of you, and I’m so happy you’ve chosen to ask me something about it!! 

I think it really depends on you. You know yourself and your cycles better than anyone, so it’s completely up to what you think will work best. When I first started working out allot I generally didn’t work out, or didn’t work out as hard when on my period. But now it doesn’t bother me, and I don’t really let it disrupt my routine unless I feel it’s necessary (e.g. really bad pains or fatigued). 

So if you’re just getting into working out regularly I think it’s wise to maybe take a few days off during your period, just simply because your body is probably having to deal with enough without having to expend extra energy when you’re loosing blood. But equally, if you have light and short periods which don’t really effect you then it’s probably a-ok to carry on as normal because your body isn’t as lacking in iron and energy as it would be if you had heavy and long periods. 

One thing I would comment on is if you’re considering taking off going to the gym due to period pains then take a moment to evaluate your cramps as I tend to find that if I workout when I’ve got cramps they actually go away. Especially with yoga! 

If you feel like you will need to stop going to the gym, or maybe just slow it down a bit then I would recommend doing something like yoga (preferably power or vinyasa) which is restorative but it still works you all over. Another good one to do is jogging - emphasis on the word ‘jogging’ and not ‘running’. Both of these things are relatively low impact but still count towards getting a lean and healthy body!

But please just don’t push yourself beyond what is healthy! It’s great to push yourself by all means, but sometimes your body will tell you exactly what it needs and when so its okay to listen to it. Don’t forget, you should have at least two rest days a week in order to give your muscles a chance to recover (you’ll also see results alllllooooot faster if you implicate rest days into your plan!!)

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Sunrise Point, Mt. Rainier | by Thomas Franta

i swear to god if this scene is made anime ill never sleep with the lights off again

monsters-under-my-bed replied to your post: FORMAL DRESS FT COMFY SOCKS AND NOT SO…

You are so modelesque and beautiful!!! How did the fashion show go? :D

adaaaaam you’re so silly, thank you!! aaaaaa i totally forgot to say i had to drop out of doing it on the thursday before the event… cut a very long story short i ended up getting a bladder infection and i ignored it until it got really bad and then when i finally went to the doctors they told me that it would be a really bad idea because it was like 12hrs of stress and walking around

i was gutted to begin with but i feel like it worked out for the best because i really was ill and it allowed me time to get better without having to spend loads of time off college! i know i’ll have other opportunities in the future, but mum is taking me to the clothes show to make up for it so yay!

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